Selecting the Most Suitable Mortgage Agent in Kitchener

Are you considering buying a home in Kitchener? If so then you need to find a great mortgage agent in Kitchener. When you look online you’ll find an overwhelming amount of different mortgage companies located all over Canada. While shopping online is convenient, when it comes to the most significant decision in your life it requires expert local help.

Cost of Hiring a Licensed Mortgage Agent in Kitchener

Are concerned about the costs associated with hiring a licensed mortgage agent in Kitchener? You would be happy to know there is no cost to you. There’s no cost for hiring a licensed mortgage broker since the lender pays the Kitchener mortgage agent.

How to Hire a Kitchener Mortgage Professional

Since there are a large number of mortgage professionals serving the Kitchener area, these tips will help you narrow down the list of candidates.

  • Does the Prospective Kitchener mortgage agent have an AMP (Accredited Mortgage Professional) certification? This is a highly sought after mortgage industry qualification. It demonstrates the mortgage professionals ability to delivery top notch representation. While a mortgage professional without this qualification that is licensed by FSCO may be able to do the job, don’t take the chance and make sure the agent is AMP certified.
  • How many years has the Kitchener mortgage agent been offering these services? Securing mortgages can be complicated. You want to have a mortgage agent who has been doing this for several years. While number of years is a metric to look at, also look at the mortgage office’s reviews. The larger the number of positive reviews the easier it’ll be to pick which is the best Kitchener mortgage professional.

Once you’ve applied this qualifying criteria to the prospective mortgage agents in Kitchener, you should have a shortlist of candidates. The next step is to give the list of candidates a call or book an in-person appointment with them. By giving them a call first, you should be able to gauge which is most knowledgeable and friendly. When meeting the Kitchener mortgage agent in person, you will be able to select the one you like the most and get immediate answers to all of your questions.