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With the large number of bank choices available and the number of promotions each offers, it’s hard to find the best mortgage rates. As a Mortgage Agent in Kitchener with 30 years of experience, our office specializes in knowing the best current deals. Through ongoing specials and relationships with each bank, we stay on top of the best rates across all lenders.

Our rates are based on volume. Over the many years in the industry we have built up our successful deal submissions. Due to this, we have strong connections with all of the lenders. Our experience allows us to find the best home mortgage solution for Kitchener clients based on your needs and product choice. Our office provides these services and allows our clients to purchase at fully discounted rates. Get the best consultant teams of Kitchener mortgage brokers. We are unbiased, trained, and can offer you the rates other less experienced mortgage lenders in Kitchener can’t provide!

Our mortgage broker and mortgage agents have been actively providing mortgages on pre-approvals, renewals, and purchases for nearly three decades. Our brokerage is the leading mortgage company for Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge clients. Everyone deserves to get the home of their dreams; it’s our mission to successfully consult first time buyers through the mortgage requirements. We also assist those who want home renovations or to invest in rental properties. If you need a mortgage broker in Kitchener who can connect you to the most trusted lending institution, look nowhere else!

For inquiries regarding your mortgage in Kitchener or quotations for our services, call us at 1-866-896-8570 or email and get immediate response to your specific mortgage requirements. Experience, connections and a long list of satisfied customers makes us the best mortgage brokers in Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge. Call or email us now!

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“Excellent service, great rates and attention to detail. You walked me through everything so there were no surprises at all. I’m grateful that I found your services! Highly recommended for sure.”


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“Usually getting your first mortgage can be a stressful time, but thanks to your expertise we simply enjoyed buying our first home. We are so grateful for your continued support months after the purchase.”


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“I was going to get a mortgage through my bank but came across your website from a Google search. I’m so glad I did! I definitely saved tens of thousands of dollars and the whole experience was a breeze.”


Finding the Best Mortgage Broker

If you are thinking about buying a home in the Kitchener area, then the first step is determining your budget. In order to figure out what you would be able to afford, you will need to speak with a licensed mortgage broker in Kitchener. While you could work with any licensed mortgage professional, ensure they are endorsed by FSCO (Financial Services Commission of Ontario). It would be highly advantageous to actually meet with the mortgage expert in person given the importance of this decision.

What Makes a Great Mortgage Agent?

We touched on earlier that you should only deal with a mortgage broker in Kitchener that is endorsed by FSCO, that is just one criteria to look for but it is by no means the only one. Find out whether the mortgage agent in Kitchener has years of experience. When given the choice always give preference to the professional that has this qualification as well as years of service in the industry.

Aside from the professional qualification which are important, you also should look at how long the individual has been working with mortgage lenders for Kitchener mortgages. While your local bank will only offer one type of mortgage, your mortgage broker is going to shop around with all of the mortgage companies to find you the most competitive possible terms. Matching your needs to a solution is what a good broker does best!

How can a mortgage broker beat the bank’s rates?

You may be wondering why a mortgage broker is able to get you more competitive terms than what your local bank offers. It comes down to volume, the mortgage broker who has this volume is able to go to all the Canadian mortgage lenders for Kitchener residents and negotiate the lowest possible rates. For Kitchener mortgages at the lowest rates, the mortgage companies need to lend out as much money as possible. The mortgage broker provides an avenue for the mortgage lender to attain those goals. In order to attract these mortgage brokers, the lenders offer lower rates than a local bank can offer. One of the greatest benefits of hiring a mortgage broker is they are paid by the lender (for the majority of the time) so there is no out of pocket expense to you, the savings of lower interest is passed along to the Kitchener resident.

How to Secure a Home Mortgage

We have talked about what qualifications to look for in a mortgage expert and why they traditionally get lower rates. What we need to do is look at the logistics of securing a home mortgage in Kitchener.

  • Down-payment. How much cash do you have available to put towards a down-payment for the home? You can get a home mortgage in Kitchener with as little as 5% down, there are additional costs associated with that type of financing plus you need a higher credit score. This is called a high ratio mortgage and for down payments less than 20% you will have a default insurance fee added to the mortgage. If you are able to come up with a 20% down-payment, you would be able to get a conventional mortgage which does not require mortgage default insurance. If you are unable to come up with a down-payment, don’t worry you can still get a mortgage in Kitchener, with a gift downpayment, RRSP or borrowed funds.
  • Credit Score. This is a very important requirement if you want to realize your dream of owning a home. Generally speaking, having a credit score of 680 or higher will help you when trying to lock down a mortgage in Kitchener but you should try to get your finances in order. The mortgage agent will check your credit report to make sure there are no outstanding issues that could put downward pressure on your score. By having a high score, you are going to save on interest costs which helps your mortgage broker secure the best terms possible.

Purchasing a home is a major decision that requires expert advice. If you want to avoid making the wrong choice or to enter the competitive purchasing market, get a pre-approval. By reaching out to a qualified mortgage expert in Kitchener, it will be the best decision as it will save you money on interest plus have the best terms for your individual financing requirements. Doing mortgage in Kitchener for over 25 years, call us for a mortgage review.

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