Important Things to Consider Before You Refinance a Mortgage in Kitchener

If your home is mortgaged, and currently living in Kitchener, it may be time to consider refinance mortgage in Kitchener options. The real estate market in Canada, seems to be cooling off and that will have downward pressure on property values.

How Property Prices Impact Mortgage Refinancing

The lender who will finance the loan will want to have collateral which is your home. In order to determine what the home is worth, the lender will want to have one of their approved property appraisers to assess the current fair market value (FMH) of your house. Since we mentioned earlier that property prices are going to start experiencing downward pressure, this means your house will be worth less in the eyes of the lender.

Reasons to Refinance Your Mortgage

We have established that property prices are going to slide. Now would be the best time to proceed with mortgage refinancing, especially in the Kitchener area. In order to make the most of this opportunity, it would be prudent to have a game-plan of what you intend to do with the refinancing proceeds.

  • Debt Consolidation one of the benefits of securing a mortgage refinancing. If you are carrying large amounts of credit card debt, then taking out some equity from your home to pay those debts off will help you save money in the long run.
  • Saving on Interest Rates is another benefit. Depending on when you took out your mortgage in Kitchener, you could be paying considerably more than you need to.
  • Recent Renovations to Your Property. If you recently performed significant renovations to your home. The perceived value may have increased substantially which would give you the ability to get a better mortgage. With property values dropping though, your window of opportunity to take advantage of this increase may be short lived.

Getting the Best Mortgage Refinance in Kitchener

We have touched on some of the primary reasons you should consider moving forward and refinancing your mortgages. Now you will need to find the right professional to get the best terms. While your local bank may be happy to provide you with financing, you have to reach out to a qualified mortgage broker who will work in your best interests.  The sooner you reach out for help, the sooner your home will be mortgage free.