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In 1988 I began serving others to make their dreams a reality. Working for my clients has been, and continues to be, a great source of personal happiness and purpose. Success for me was finding a way to serve others, touching peoples lives in a positive way and helping my clients navigate their financial decisions!

Home Ownership, vacation properties, and developing rental or commercial properties can be the largest investment and the source of both great reward and great risk for my clients. Their goals become my goals and this is our shared motivation.

Today, the landscape of mortgage financing has become more difficult, regulated, confusing. Rates advertised are not for all products or applications. The government’s stress test has made it difficult for many to qualify. However, as one of the largest Brokers in our Region, able to provide access to 57 lenders, we put our clients in the driver’s seat. We source solutions to fit everyone’s needs – the best rates and terms.

My decades of building lender relationships translate into secure discounted rates and products that are superior and not accessible to a less experienced mortgage agent or bank representative.

Our office is located in a renovated Kitchener Fire Station, the history of aiding residents from our community goes back to 1965. Firefighters save peoples’ properties and we help people acquire them, a great history.

KW is home, born and raised here, home to my children, and now, soon to be a grandmother! The motivation to help others build their roots and wealth, through property ownership remains my driving force and that of my team. We enjoy a vibrant community for employment, education and leisure. As our Region continues to flourish, our real estate market continues to grow.

If you want to invest in real estate, I would love to help! Call or email me for a no-cost review!

With over 25 years in the industry, I have the experience and contacts to assist you with your financing needs. I will reduce the stress, time commitment, and save you money!

Many lenders offer rate specials, discounts and promotions that are not available to the consumer.  Due to the time in the industry, the contacts and relationship with the lenders, and the volume of business, I can pass this on to you.

Call me today for a non-biased evaluation and consultation.  I work for you to match the lending product that is suited to your requirements.

At Bennett Capital, our years of experience has provided us with the knowledge to identify and negotiate the best value …ultimately saving you thousands of dollars.