Liz Stansell

Welcome to Bennett Capital

Through having worked in the financial industry for over 30 years I know how to get deals done and where to place them.  Simply put it is more than just a great rate; it’s understanding your unique needs so that your home is financed with a lender that offers the flexibility, transportability and rate that meets your criteria.  This is the benefit of working with me and 50 of the best lenders in the industry, including the major banks.

My approach is one based on customer intimacy and a consultative process where I focus on you my client.  Understanding your concerns and needs, and involving you throughout the process allows me to deliver a financial solution that delivers rate, flexibility, and peace of mind through matching you to the correct product and lender.

Here are some reasons why a Mortgage Broker is your best choice when you’re financing or refinancing your home and why you should consider me…

  1. Widest selection of product
  2. Greatest flexibility
  3. Enhanced communication with the lenders
  4. Mortgage Planning through Elizabeth Stansell
  5. It’s about Rate … but not all about Rate
  6. Matching the Lender to the Client
  7. Making it Simple… Keeping it Easy
  8. Ensuring the deal is Funded … on time – every time
  9. Accountability & Reliability
  10. 30 years Financial Services experience
  11. Consultative approach

When it comes time for you to purchase your new home, refinance, renovate or renew your existing mortgage talk to me and get me working for you.  Delivering solutions that are tailored specifically for you.  I am here to help!

At Bennett Capital, our years of experience has provided us with the knowledge to identify and negotiate the best value …ultimately saving you thousands of dollars.